What's this thing all about?

Mystery is about letting go and being in the moment.

Why did we create Mystery?

In today's world, we're overloaded with choices, addicted to our phones, and so often not living in the present. We've stopped venturing out of our comfort zones because with technology, comfort has become too easy. Binge-watching Netflix, ordering in Uber Eats, and scrolling endlessly through social media may have a place in our lives, but the reality is, anything in life worth doing sits outside of our comfort zone.

Not knowing what comes next may sound like a simple idea, but often the simple ideas are the most impactful. More than anything—when no one is bogged down with planning or coordinating—you get to truly connect to who you're with.

So sit back, relax, and take the leap. Rest assured we've put in the time and effort to make your experience incredible. Not only have we found and partnered with some of the best vendors and people in your city, but we've also taken the time to hammer out all the little details that make a night out seamless.

Mystery is an opportunity to experience something new, together.


Innovative and thoughtful, we're a team of risk takers with a whole lot of give-a-shit. We wouldn't be here if we didn't. 

As a quickly growing startup, we're always looking for smart people with fresh perspectives and a desire to create something new and—frankly—badass. 

Let's. Get. Mysterious.
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