Building meaningful connections through magical experiences.

Mystery is on a mission to make people as happy as possible at work. We started in 2019 as a company obsessed with bringing more surprise and delight to people’s lives. Now, Mystery uses experience design to help your employees develop real, meaningful connections—boosting engagement, productivity, and retention.

Obsessing over connection and community is what we do, and we’re not going to stop until every employee is happy and close to their team.

The science of a happy team
We use people science, technology, and human touch to foster meaningful connections—making people as happy as possible at work and boosting company performance growth while we’re at it.
Retention is a problem

40% of employees say they are at least somewhat likely to quit in the next 3-6 months.

The value of belonging

Many employers understate the value of a sense of belonging, but employees think it’s a driving factor of attrition.

Shared experiences foster connections

Using activities to take the stress out of conversation reduces self-consciousness and makes connections easier to grow.

Friends equal better work

Friends are more committed to projects, offer positive encouragement, and evaluate ideas more critically.

Our Values
Optimize for happiness
Optimize for happiness
No. 1 Optimize for happiness

For ourselves, our customers, and our partners. We make decisions that optimize for happiness, invest the time, energy, and resources necessary in the pursuit of happiness.

Be the main
Be the main
No. 2 Be the main character

We approach ambiguity head-on and cast ourselves as the protagonist in our own lives. We strive to make informed decisions but are willing to act on our gut. We don’t like losing, but hate not winning.

ingrained empathy
ingrained empathy
No. 3 Have ingrained empathy

We believe our best work comes from starting with deeply ingrained empathy. The best solutions start with an extensive understanding of our problems, customers, and people.

Relentlessly resourceful
Relentlessly resourceful
No. 4 Relentlessly resourceful

We stop at nothing to solve incredibly difficult problems. We are world class risk takers and love being proved wrong. Our curiosity leads us to learn faster than anyone else.

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Join Our Team
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