Night In


What’s in a Night In box?

Night In is a box full of surprise treats and activities, curated to bring fun to the comfort of home. What goes in the box, well, that’s the Mystery... But, we partner with incredible vendors and each box is curated by event experts, so they know how to celebrate and have fun!

Can I give this as a gift?

Can I be your friend? Of course! Night In makes a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, as a thank you, or really any reason at all. Just fill out the order information with that person in mind (delivery address, etc.). 

Can I order this more than once?

We anticipated you'd be back for more, so our system is built to flag repeat orders. This way you'll get to enjoy a new, unique experience each time you order a Night In!

That said, at this time our event-specific boxes (Birthday, Anniversary, Family Night) only have one type. But if you select a Date Night box you will always get a unique experience and they make for great nights at home regardless of occasion!

Can I get dinner with my Night In delivery?

We don't offer dinner, but we think pairing a meal with your Night In is a great idea! When you consider what to get, we highly recommend supporting a local small business with a takeout or delivery meal!

When will my box arrive?

You get to pick your delivery date! Your Mystery Night In box will be shipped via FedEx and will arrive on, or before, your selected date. Keep an eye on your email—shipping info will be sent once the box is shipped. You will also get a notification via email when the package has been marked as “delivered.”