How to Support Local Businesses
During COVID-19

Disclaimer: This is not a health guide. For health information on COVID-19 please visit the CDC website.

UPDATED: March 24th at 6:00 AM

Current Status

(Seattle, WA)

Note: the impact to local businesses is changing and growing each and every day. Without the support of the local community and  federal government businesses will face layoffs, missed rent payments, and bankruptcy risk. The above stats are aggregations of local, state, and national news.

How You Can Help

With Time

Help get legislative relief

Washington state has moved quickly to offer relief to local businesses. Here's a summary of what's been done so far.

However, over 70% of businesses in Seattle are still urgently requesting legislative help.

Sign Petitions:
Main Street Alliance
Save America's Restaurants
Covid-19 Small Business Finance Relief

Reach out to legislators and let them know you support local business relief:

Maria Cantwell
Contact form: Here

Patty Murray
Contact form: Here

Note: a simple and kind message goes a long way, don't expect a response but just share why you believe small businesses deserve support.

Follow them on social media

Many small businesses are using social channels to reach out to customers for support. If you're not already following your favorite businesses, now is the time to do so. Feel free to ask them directly what you can do to support them with your time.

Leave reviews

If it sounds simple and easy, that's because it is. Leaving reviews is a great way to show your support and help the business down the line.

With Money

Order takeout/delivery

Takeout and delivery are the name of the game right now.

While tech enabled delivery services are convenient and very much do help local restaurants, they all (except Grubhub) still charge a steep commision fee which impacts restaurants bottom line.

For delivery apps: we recommend using Grubhub.

Takeout* or direct delivery is an even better way of supporting local restaurants. Here's a few lists to look through if you're hungry:

The Infatuation, Newly Available Takeout/Delivery
SeattleGood, Takeout/Delivery
Tock, Takeout
Seattle Met, Takeout/Delivery Deals
Intentionalist, Takeout/Delivery
Eater, Newly Available Takeout/Delivery
Grubhub, Takeout/Delivery
TheStranger, Takeout Deals
King5, New Delivery/Takeout Options
SeattleMag, Deals/Takeout/Delivery
SeattleRefined, Takeout/Delivery

Final note: tips go further than they have in a long time. If you place an order, consider leaving a bigger tip than normal.

*Please do not go out of the house if your unwell.

Buy gift cards

Gift cards are one of the single best ways to support local businesses right now. Planning on going to some restaurants in the future? Give them your money now instead of later.

Here's some resources:
Rally for Restaurants (by Toast)
Opentable Restaurant Gift Cards
Eater Gift Cards List / Deals

Donate to relief funds

Traditional mysteries

Due to a government-mandated, in-person closure for all bars, restaurants, and activity spaces in the state, we will be cancelling all Mysteries planned through the end of May.

A new product

After a few busy weeks brainstorming with our partners, we're extremely proud to announce a new product to the Mystery family: Mystery Night In.

We built this product to support our partners (over 10 businesses supported in our pilot launch alone!), give our stir-crazy customers all the fun a Mystery at home, and keep planners busy doing what they love most: planning Mysteries. We hope you love it as much as we enjoyed putting them together.