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Supercharge employee connections with a data-driven engagement strategy.


Maximize your return on engagement

Get real-time data that surveys can’t capture

Mystery's engagement graph software analyzes calendars, org charts, communications, and employee interests to generate a complete map of your company's connections.

View a dynamic map of employee connections

See the strength of connections within teams, across departments and with leadership to understand sense of belonging and identify isolated groups of employees.

Build a data-backed engagement strategy

Experience the ROI of a personalized engagement strategy by supercharging your team's events with personalized recommendations and a dedicated customer success team.

Measure improvement month-over-month

Travel through time and quantify how connections strengthen across your company. Attribute changes to engagement tactics and demonstrate the value of your hard work.

We rely on Mystery because they take the guesswork out of matching the right event to the right team. It’s a big reason I think their events actually help build connections on the teams I support—people genuinely look forward to them.
Chang Zuo Administrative Business Partner @ Google
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Measure the connections that matter

Within team connections

Connected teams are happier and perform better. Nurture small group dynamics to boost engagement, productivity, and empathy among collaborators.

Leadership connections

Connect leaders with employees beyond their direct reports to build trust and open new lines of communication across your company.

Cross-team connections

Prevent teams from becoming isolated and by building intentional connections across departments to promote a strong, collaborative culture.

Sense of belonging

Integrate new hires into your culture by connecting them with teammates, leaders, and people who could become their new best friend at work.

Isn’t it time we move past backward-looking survey data?

Mystery Insights is informed by what employees do – not what they want you to hear in quarterly surveys. Powered by a first-of-its-kind engagement graph, Insights uses existing employee interaction data–not surveys–to create a dynamic view of connection at your company.

Download the white paper: Introducing Mystery Insights

Discover how Insights can transition your team from reactive to proactive employee engagement.

While surveys can be a useful data-point, they’re backward-looking by design and lead to reactive engagement tactics.

Mystery Insights provides an accurate view so you can build a proactive engagement strategy that adapts in real time to stay ahead of the curve.

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