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Within-team connections
Connected teams are happier and perform better. Nurture small group dynamics to boost engagement, productivity, and empathy among collaborators.
Leadership connections
Connect leaders with employees beyond their direct reports to build trust and open new lines of communication across your company.
Cross-team connections
Prevent teams from becoming isolated and by building intentional connections across departments to promote a strong, collaborative culture.
Sense of belonging
Integrate new hires into your culture by connecting them with teammates, leaders, and people who could become their new best friend or mentor at work.


Measure the connections that matter


Go beyond survey data

Mystery Insights is informed by what employees do—not what they want you to hear in quarterly surveys. Powered by a first-of-its-kind engagement graph, Insights uses existing employee interaction data to create a dynamic view of connection at your company.

“I would recommend anyone to use Mystery if their goal is to encourage employee engagement and morale. Their platform is easy to utilize and minimizes the work you need to do.”
Jennifer P.
Jennifer P.
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