Having cancer is hard enough.

Northwest Hope & Healing provides immediate support for local women diagnosed with breast or gynecologic cancer.

Available through July 24th.

Northwest Hope & Healing Box


Specially curated for NWHH, this box is filled with everything you need to enjoy a fun night at home, all while giving back to an incredible organization.

Shipping cost & initial donation both included in this $125 price.

What's included?


Each purchase of this limited edition Mystery Night In box means a donation directly to the immeasurable work done through Northwest Hope and Healing.


Whether or not you can join the special NWHH virtual happy hour, your Night In box is loaded with surprise activities and goods you can enjoy at your convenience!


In addition to a direct donation to NWHH, by purchasing this box you’re giving back to local businesses, charities, and artists when they need it most.

Note: The cutoff for guaranteed delivery by July 23rd has passed.

Save the date!

NWHH will be hosting a virtual happy hour and group unboxing. Grab your drink of choice and get in on the fun!

It's easy as...
1. Order by July 19th
2. RSVP and get your happy hour details
3. On July 23rd, open your Mystery Night In!


How long does it take to ship?

Usually 2–4 days! To get it there by July 23rd, you'll need to order by end of day July 19th. Have so much fun you want to order one as a gift for someone else? No problem, we'll keep ordering open through the end of the month.

Can I get food with the box?

Not with this box, sorry! If you live in Seattle, we might be able to swing it—just shoot us a note at support@trymystery.com

Is the delivery safe?

Yes, very safe. We're using FedEx for delivery and they're very on top of all current sanitization and distancing measures.

Can I make additional donations?

Yep! In addition to the proceeds from your Night In purchase, at checkout you'll have the option to add to your Northwest Hope and Healing donation. You will also receive a receipt for your donation directly from NWHH.

I still have a few more questions.

Sorry about that!

See that little purple chat box in the bottom right corner? Shoot us a note. We respond fast. Lightning fast. Unless we're having dinner with our families or sleeping.

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