Meaningful connections for distributed teams

Mystery gives you the tools you need to super-charge employee connections and retain top talent.


Incredible experiences
that deliver results

75 %
increase in connection to coworkers after 1st event with Mystery
32 %
boost in connectedness for each repeat event with Mystery
> 20,000
employees feel more connected because of Mystery
> 250,000
connections facilitated among coworkers
Companies we work with
We rely on Mystery because they take the guesswork out of matching the right event to the right team. It’s a big reason I think their events actually help build connections on the teams I support—people genuinely look forward to them.
Chang Zuo Administrative Business Partner @ Google

Increase connections
to drive retention

Within team connections

Happy teams have strong alignment and communication. We help team managers build a strong foundation of empathy and trust with their team to ensure that everyone feels safe to take risks.

Cross-team connections

A healthy organization is strongly collaborative. Mystery helps identify the cross-team connections that will increase communication and creates experiences to facilitate bonding.

Leadership connections

When people have meaningful connections with their leaders they trust that company decisions are taking their needs into account. We help humanize company leaders to promote true buy-in to company goals and overall cohesion.


of employers expect to see increased voluntary turnover continue - or worsen - over the next six months

Sense of belonging

Connections within teams, across teams and with leaders are the building blocks of Sense of Belonging. Mystery gives you the tools you need to create a culture where everyone feels like they belong.


of team members told us they're more likely to stay at a company longer if they feel cared for.

How it works

We analyze connections at your company
Create a virtual events plan to drive engagement
Super-charge connections with magical experiences
Measure impact, make adjustments
Are you ready to start seeing the ROI of a connected team? Chat with us today.

Tools to simplify event planning

Effortless coordination, end to end.

Instant booking

Get instant access to hundreds of vetted experiences, find the perfect event and book with a few clicks. Let Mystery take care of it for you and choose a Surprise experience, we learn your team’s likes and dislikes and choose an experience they will love - guaranteed.

Smart integrations

Connect your org chart and enjoy an up-to-date employee list including team, role and tenure. This automatically syncs new members and role changes to make sure you have the latest and greatest. Plus, get automated suggestions for availability to find the perfect event time for your guests by connecting your calendar.

Event dashboard

Feel in control with a bird’s eye view of all events—both past and upcoming—for your team. Manage your guest list, view event details and book new events all in one place.

Events actually worth attending

We combine our knack for hospitality with a little help from technology to create magical experiences that will keep your team coming back for more. It’s no wonder our average attendance rate is over 80%.

Learn more
Curated connection
Our Mystery events are intentionally designed to create connections within teams, across teams and with leaders. Mystery identifies the right people to connect and facilitates bonding through smart breakout rooms, team competitions, and more.
Memory-making content
Every Mystery experience can be customized to your culture and goals. We spotlight employees, such as new hires or top-performers and pull in inside jokes and interests to create experiences that are specific and delightful for guests.
Matched to you
We learn what your team likes (and what to avoid) and intelligently match you to experiences that people will love. With thousands of events under our belt, we are world-class at finding the perfect experience to brighten everyone’s week.
A plan for every stage
Every company needs a little something different when it comes to building connections, choose the plan that is right for your team.
Single events
Book one-off events, zero commitment.
Annual subscription
Save money with annual plans that leverage Mystery’s insights and our experts to create a strategy that aligns with your engagement goals.

Actionable insights to
super-charge connections

Break the reactive engagement cycle and unlock insights that will turn events into your employee engagement advantage. Mystery identifies connection opportunities, tracks changes over time and gives you the insights you need to understand impact.

Engagement insights

Through a combination of simple pulses, calendar and org chart insights we identify which employee connections need attention. Quickly understand how you can increase sense of belonging and track changes and impact over time.

Event feedback

View guest feedback on every event to understand which experiences left an impression. Learn what people loved and who they connected with, and easily report results to higher-ups.

Pick your path to better team morale
Mystery is more engaging and fun than typical employee survey services—it's also a better investment with higher returns. Whether you want to try a one-off event or grow team morale through a long-term partnership, Mystery has the flexible pricing and plans to fit your needs.
Single events
Book one-off events, zero commitment.
per person, per event
Book now
Instant booking
Event management tools
Surprise events
Event feedback
Team profiles on likes and dislikes
Annual subscription
Save money with annual plans that leverage Mystery’s insights and our experts to create a strategy that aligns with your engagement goals.
$3k / year
starting price
Instant booking
Event management tools
Surprise events
Automated event feedback collection
Team profiles on likes and dislikes
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Proactive Engagement Plan tailored to your team’s needs
Quarterly business reviews
Manage roles and permissions
Org chart integration for easy syncing
Morale benchmarking and insights

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