Support 10+ Local Businesses
Stuck inside? Enjoy dinner and an activity at home while supporting your local Seattle businesses!

Mystery Night In

Mystery Night In is a surprise evening from the comfort of home. Make your selections and we'll provide everything you need for the perfect night in. The best part? Each Night In purchase supports small businesses affected by COVID-19.

What's Included:
1. Dinner for two
2. An activity
3. Dessert

What's Included:
1. Dinner for two
2. Premium activity
3. Dessert

What's in the box?


We've partnered with some of the best chefs in Seattle to bring you fresh, creative meals for two. Your Night In will is prepared the day of your delivery and arrives with instructions for you to heat and enjoy when you're ready! Tell us of any allergies or restrictions at checkout.


We're pretty good at coordinating activities. While being kept inside for this long isn't fun, we've worked with our local partners to bring the fun to you. Our activities are designed for two but can be enjoyed by the whole household.


By purchasing this Night In, you're directly supporting more than 10 local businesses in Seattle. The more we sell, the more businesses we'll be able to help. Times are tough and your purchase is allowing companies to provide work, avoid layoffs, pay rent, and weather the storm.

More than delivery

There are three awesome things you should know about your Mystery Night In delivery:

1. It’s free! There is no additional charge for next-day Seattle deliveries.

2. By partnering with local restaurants for our food prep and deliveries, we're creating new jobs for Seattleites who've lost work due to COVID-19.

3. You can rest assured—we're following CDC recommendations for our packing and delivering processes.

In the press


What's for dinner?

Amazing food from amazing local restaurants.

Each Night In will come with dinner for two, prepared daily by renowned Seattle-based chefs and their staff. The meals will be delivered cold so you can keep them in the fridge until you're ready to eat. All you have to do is heat it up and enjoy!

Need a drink?
Add a bottle of wine for $25, and support your local wineries and distributors.

Have a dietary need?
Upon checkout, you have an option to list any allergies or preferences. We can accommodate almost any dietary need, but please note that both meals will fit the dietary need (i.e. if you list vegan food preference, both meals will come vegan).

Where can I get it delivered?

Currently, Night In can be only be delivered within Seattle Proper (see map below). This may change as we grow this offering, but for now we're trying to keep food fresh, and our drivers close to home!

Can I get just dinner? Or just the box?

Initially, we're launching the dinner and box together. You can order multiple boxes or add additional meals to your Night In if you'd like. 

We're planning on expanding to just the box and just dinner here soon, drop us a note at if that's something you'd be into.

What's the difference between prices?

Both price options are amazing, and both will leave you with a sense of satisfaction for helping local businesses stay in operation. Your selected price point will determine what comes with your meal, and which activity you get. You can also add alcohol for $25 each.

Basic Box ($125)
  • Dinner for 2
  • Activity
  • Dessert
Premium Box ($150)
  • Dinner for 2
  • Premium Activity
  • Dessert

Can I give this as a gift?

Can we be your friend? Of course!

Just fill out the order information with that person in mind (i.e. dietary restrictions, alcohol preferences, delivery address, etc). Please let the recipient know to be home on the scheduled delivery day.

Can I get more than two meals?

Nom nom nom.

Two meals come with each Night In box. If you want more meals but not the activity and additional surprises, you can add additional meals right below. All added meals will be three courses! Note: if it's for children, just let us know in the food preferences section.

When will my box arrive?

You'll get to pick your delivery date! Upon checkout we'll ask for your preferred date. No same-day deliveries but you can order for next-day until midnight. Additionally we'll be limiting deliveries to Wednesday–Sunday.

Deliveries will arrive between 3–7 and you will get a text/email notification when your driver is en route to your neighborhood!

Because this is a pilot program, you can't select a specific delivery time just yet. But we already have that in mind for the future of Night In!

Who is this for?

Anyone who likes food, fun, and supporting local businesses.

But for real, Night In is a way to help some rad businesses weather this storm. Generally speaking, these packages are for anyone who wants a creative night in that they don't have to plan. It could be for a couple, a couple of friends, or you could even have your kids get in on the fun with you—minus any alcohol...please don't have your kids get in on that.

How will I get my box?

We're cutting out third party delivery services and instead creating jobs for service industry folks laid off because of the COVID-19 crisis. This means more money in the pockets of local businesses and more jobs for your neighbors.

Your Night In will be delivered to your door and left for you within 6 feet. If you are receiving alcohol, please be prepared to show your ID.

I still have a few more questions.

Sorry about that!

See that little purple chat box in the bottom right corner? Shoot us a note. We respond fast. Lightning fast. Unless we're having dinner with our families or sleeping.