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Mystery brings people together through magical shared experiences and powerful insights.

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Remote work has a connection problem. Let’s fix it.

Mystery helps you engage and connect your team with top-tier virtual events designed to facilitate team bonding. We collect and analyze data that measure connections across your company, so you can maximize your return on engagement.

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Experiences to surprise and delight your team

Book unexpected, unforgettable virtual events for your coworkers. Whether your team is all-in for hands-on activities or prefers to sit back and watch a show—we have events for everyone.

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Easy event management with streamlined logistics

Book and track all your team events online, secured with enterprise-grade encryption, with support from our 100% human staff. Team members can join events at the click of a button.

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Real-time data to supercharge engagement

Gain a complete view of connection across your company. Build a data-driven strategy to prevent employee isolation. Demonstrate ROI and measure connection growth over time.

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With a Mystery subscription, you can learn and adapt how your team connects over the long term. We develop an engagement plan tailored to your team, and use data from each event to make the next one even better.

We’re redefining the way distributed work is done so it’s more inclusive, enjoyable, and productive than it ever could have been (even in person).